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  • Dealing with Ontario tenant problems by Barbara Krauss

      Property manager Barbara Krauss takes up the myriad issues between tenant and landlord that too often end in bickering and, ultimately, before the board. There is a way to avoid most, if not all of that argy-bargy, says the property expert.

  • Eviction 101 in Alberta by Shane Buckingham

    Knowing what you can and cannot legally do as a landlord will likely save you time, money and a potential lawsuit. Shane Buckingham takes a look at the eviction process in Alberta

  • Creative ways to finance your renovation by Julie Broad

    Julie Broad reveals her top tips to getting funding for your reno project each time

  • How does condo construction financing work? by Brandon Kot

    Brandon Kot examines what it takes to get condo construction financing

  • Making money in turbulent economic times by Editorial Team

    In the first of this two-part series, Greg Habstritt breaks down the myths of inflation

  • The power of equity by Editorial Team

    The ability to access equity is one of the most powerful tools you can use to expand your portfolio. Vincent Power explains how to get around the tighter lending policies that are now confronting many investors

  • Why Canada trumps the U.S. by Don Campbell

    As the world goes through its continuing economic turmoil, Canada has quietly become one of the world's economic safe havens. A haven where international money is being parked for safety and ROI, a haven that is poised to provide the world what it needs for at least the next decade and probably a lot longer.

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