Buying real estate with damaged credit is not impossible, just more challenging and requires a carefully thought out plan by the investor and their mortgage agent.

Brandon Kot examines what it takes to get condo construction financing
In the first of this two-part series, Greg Habstritt breaks down the myths of inflation
The ability to access equity is one of the most powerful tools you can use to expand your portfolio. Vincent Power explains how to get around the tighter lending policies that are now confronting many investors
Peter Kinch explains the difference between residential and commercial financing

Calum Ross examines why refinancing might be the right strategy for you right now and shows you how you could save $$$$ on your mortgage

Investor Peter Kinch examines the cost of getting bad financial advice  
Investor Gord Lemon discusses how and why you need mortgage investment corporations.
With rising interest rates, investor Peter Kinch asks the question: should I lock in?

Peter Kinch explores joint-venture capital: why some succeed while others do not

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