As the world goes through its continuing economic turmoil, Canada has quietly become one of the world's economic safe havens. A haven where international money is being parked for safety and ROI, a haven that is poised to provide the world what it needs for at least the next decade and probably a lot longer.

We have once again found ourselves in a situation whereby simply reading the headlines is enough to make the strongest optimist feel a little pessimistic about where the economy is heading. CRE Contributor Peter Kinch dissects the gloomy economic headlines to give you some food for thought before you lock in.

Phil Soper, president and CEO of Royal LePage, sees moderation on the economic horizon

Finn Poschmann, vice-president of research of the C.D. Howe Institute says interest rates need to go up before Canadian debt levels spiral out of control

Bob Dugan, senior economist at the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, gives his forecast for the rest of 2011

Adrienne Warren, senior economist at Scotiabank,  gives her forecast for the rest of 2011

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