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  • Promising outlook in Grande Prairie by Kit Kadlec

    The real estate market has been down, but could get a boost from an improving economy

  • The power of equity by Editorial Team

    The ability to access equity is one of the most powerful tools you can use to expand your portfolio. Vincent Power explains how to get around the tighter lending policies that are now confronting many investors

  • Deal or no deal by Shane Buckingham

    Doing your due diligence is all part of taking your portfolio to the next level. Shane Buckingham explains

  • Why Canada trumps the U.S. by Don Campbell

    As the world goes through its continuing economic turmoil, Canada has quietly become one of the world's economic safe havens. A haven where international money is being parked for safety and ROI, a haven that is poised to provide the world what it needs for at least the next decade and probably a lot longer.

  • Value investing by Shane Buckingham

    For Andrew Brennan, investing starts with finding value, even if it takes some hard work. Shane Buckingham explains

  • Okanagan Valley: British Columbia's bubble-free real estate zone by Kit Kadlec

    The price correction in the Okanagan Valley occurred years ago, leaving many to believe it's a much less riskier place to invest than Vancouver

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