Investor Resources

  • Top tax-friendly towns: Antigonish County by CRE

    One of Nova Scotia’s best-kept secrets, Antigonish County is a smaller, affordable market with great potential and a low property tax rate to match

  • Real estate agent vs mortgage broker by CRE

    A common question we constantly get asked is, what’s the difference between a real estate agent and a mortgage broker and what do they do? For new investors or first time property buyers who are new to the game, this is a very valid question to ask

  • Perfect partners by Peter Kinch

    Peter Kinch explores joint-venture capital: why some succeed while others do not

  • Scott McGillivray: The ROI maker by Shane Buckingham

    HGTV's Scott McGillivray hasn't let stardom get in the way of his true passion: real estate investing. Shane Buckingham talks with the investor who has built up a portfolio of more than 20 properties and is now expanding his reach into the U.S.

  • Playing its own Toon by Editorial Team

    Saskatoon, the heart of the Canada's agricultural world, has a real estate heartbeat all its own.

  • Ready, set, go! by Darren Weeks

    Real estate investing is exciting. But the prospect of owning an enviable portfolio of properties can lead some us to make decisions that in retrospect weren't the greatest. In cases like these, we all need an exit strategy. CRE Contributor Darren Weeks explains how you can get out of tricky situations.


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