Market Update

  • Muskoka cottages soar above $25 million by Steve Randall

    Canada’s Muskoka region ranks only behind the Cote d’Azur in France as the world’s fastest growing recreational real estate market, according to Christie's International Real Estate.

  • New affordable housing for Brampton by Steve Randall

    The federal government, Ontario’s provincial administration and the Region of Peel have announced 200 new affordable houses at Norton Lake Residence in Brampton, Ont.

  • Chance of an interest rate cut is 35 per cent says RBC by Steve Randall

    The chief economist of Royal Bank of Canada’s asset management division says there is a 35 per cent chance that the BoC will make a further cut in interest rates in the coming months.

  • Canadian government will never face court over housing affordability by Steve Randall

    The Right to Housing Charter Coalition’s bid to bring the government to court, to answer the argument that affordable housing is a human right and ultimately to implement a provincial and national housing strategy, has been rejected by the Supreme Court.


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