Market Update

  • Consumer confidence hits 2015 high by Steve Randall

    Canadians are the most confident about the economy than they have been all year

  • Edmonton business group call for curb in property taxes by Steve Randall

    A report by business leaders reveals that property taxes in Edmonton have increased by 74 per cent over the past decade (accounting for inflation and population growth) and will go up another 4.9 per cent over the next three years

  • RBC is not too big to fail by Steve Randall

    The Royal Bank of Canada has not been included on a global list of financial institutions considered “too big to fail”

  • Lender achieves 'milestone' for expansion by Steve Randall

    RBC has completed its acquisition of US bank City National, marking what it calls a “milestone” in its plans to expand across the US and other international markets

  • Study claims Vancouver housing market dominated by Chinese by Steve Randall

    Seventy per cent of detached homes in Vancouver’s west side were purchased by buyers from China according to new academic study

  • Mortgage insurance reports higher delinquencies by Steve Randall

    Genworth Mortgage Insurance Canada has reported a slightly higher percentage of delinquencies, pushing its losses from mortgage insurance policies up to $31 million in the third quarter of 2015, up $1 million from the same quarter in 2014

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