Market Update

  • Construction makes Vancouver the fastest-growing economy by Steve Randall

    The economy in Vancouver will be the fastest-growing metropolitan region for 2016 and 2017; Halifax and Toronto are also set to see healthy growth while Calgary and Edmonton will be lower for 2016 but will rebound in 2017

  • Toronto urged to allow laneway housing by Steve Randall

    Two councillors are urging Toronto City Council to approve the construction of laneway housing to ease the city’s shortage of homes

  • McLister says Trump win is a game-changer by Steve Randall

    Veteran mortgage broker Robert McLister says that the election of Donald Trump to the White House could be a “game-changer” for Canadian real estate, and not in a good way

  • Ontario to support first-time buyers by Steve Randall

    There will be an element of support for those trying to get a foot on the Ontario property ladder when the provincial government makes its fall economic statement Monday

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