• What will be the long-term impact of oil price decline? by Jennifer Paterson

    Investors hoping that dropping oil prices would give them a foothold in the Calgary housing market might not see the drop in prices they had hoped for.

  • Industry criticizes wind turbine report by Jennifer Paterson

    A recent study by the University of Guelph, which found wind turbines do not have an impact on nearby property values, might have earned a big sigh of relief from investors – but the study's results have been strongly criticized by members of the real estate industry.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Ontario set to lead the economy in 2015 says TD Bank… December sales up in Toronto but listings are too low…Vancouver businesses set to be hit with higher property taxes… Canadians want a more equal society…

  • Crowdfunding: What’s in it for investors? by Jordan Maxwell

    As many U.S. investors cash in on real estate opportunities through crowdfunding, Canadian investors are also taking advantage of the alternative financing option here at home.

  • Industrial real estate contributes $21.7bn to economy by Jordan Maxwell

    Industrial buildings are getting plenty of love from investors as construction and investment contributes $21.7 billion to Canada’s economy, according to a new report by Realpac.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Brokers sceptical over CMHC foreign ownership data… Rental vacancies increase but still tight in many areas… Harper says the budget will still balance despite lower oil revenues… Housing starts fall in the US…

  • Mattamy Homes to acquire U.S. homebuilder by Jordan Maxwell

    Mattamy Homes has announced it will acquire the Monarch Corporation -- boosting its presence in the Canadian high-rise market and providing new opportunities for investors.

  • CMHC offers foreign investment stats for first time by Justin da Rosa

    In a first for CMHC, the Crown corporation has asked property managers in its Rental Market Survey to disclose what percentage of units are owned by foreign investors.

  • How will rising interest rates impact investors? by Jennifer Paterson

    Most economists agree that interest rates will rise in 2015 – possibly as early as May – but property experts say the ups and downs of interest rates should never be the ‘be all, end all’ for an investor.


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