• Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Report warns of mass mortgage default… RBC predicts housing market will be “buoyant” with regional diversity, 2016 will be slower… Household debt edges higher again… So what do you get for $51 million in Vancouver these days?

  • Is there an extra fee coming your way? by Jennifer Paterson

    A proposed hike in development charges is threatening to compromise cash-flow potential for investors in Canada’s biggest market.

  • Landlords under pressure over short-term rentals by Jennifer Paterson

    All landlords are catching on to the benefits of shorter leases, but a trend towards high frequency turnovers is raising calls for a crackdown.

  • Daily Market Update by

    Why are Toronto and Stockholm side by side?... Debt firm warns of “laissez faire” attitude to borrowing… Proposed tower will become Canada’s tallest building…

  • This economist says you should ignore that IMF report by Olivia D'Orazio

    At least one economist is backing up the thinking of many experienced investors wary of the kind of overvaluation fears stirred by an IMF report this week.

  • Are multi-family properties recession-proof? by Jennifer Paterson

    Vacancy rates and cap rates in the multi-family market remained stable in 2014 and the same is expected in 2015.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Spring has come early for hot housing markets says BMO… RBC boss defends Canadian housing market… Consumer confidence index nudged higher last week… Real estate exec warns Montreal of risk to economy…

  • IMF suggests tightening rules around uninsured mortgages by Justin da Rosa

    The IMF believes uninsured mortgages are contributing to an overvalued housing market.

  • This province is not a buyer’s market – yet by Jennifer Paterson

    Declining oil prices may be having a psychological impact on investors in this province, but it’s not a buyer’s market yet, says one expert.

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