• Investors: Tax foreign real estate buyers by Jennifer Paterson

    Real estate hotspots such as Australia and Hong Kong are clamping down on foreign investors, with some suggesting Canada should follow suit with a tax on those buyers.

  • Is a $500 house really worth the investment? by Jennifer Paterson

    Some 62,000 homes in Detroit could be auctioned for $500 a piece later this year, but experts warn investors that the deal isn’t as lucrative as it looks.

  • Daily Market Update by

    Condos without parking increasingly popular… Is Canada facing a property insurance crisis?... No decline in consumer confidence for second week…

  • Surge in multi-family construction shows refocus on rentals by Jennifer Paterson

    Purpose-built multi-family starts in 2014 were up 52.2 per cent from the five-year average, signaling a resurgence of the rental markets in Canada’s largest cities.

  • Short-term rentals are necessary in hot markets by Jennifer Paterson

    Short-term rentals have become a necessary component of living in an expensive city, and one that landlords will have to accept, says one expert.

  • Was the rate cut the wrong move? by Justin da Rosa

    The move is having a positive impact on homebuyers and investors, but one analyst believes the Bank of Canada's decision to cut the overnight rate in late January will negatively affect the economy.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Report warns of mass mortgage default… RBC predicts housing market will be “buoyant” with regional diversity, 2016 will be slower… Household debt edges higher again… So what do you get for $51 million in Vancouver these days?

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