• Which Canadian province has updated its Condo Act? by Olivia D'Orazio

    If you’re thinking about buying or selling a condo as an investment property in this Canadian province, be prepared – its Condominium Act has grown by 300 pages.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Calgary sales slow, listings up… Toronto condo market heading for “moderate slowdown”… TREB to make recommendations on affordable housing…

  • GTA condo sales rebound by 50 per cent by Janie Smith

    New condo sales in the Greater Toronto Area rebounded by 51 per cent in 2014, from a 10-year low in 2013, according to a new report.

  • Banks refuse rate match to keep market afloat by Justin da Rosa

    One big bank has offered an explanation for why its prime rate doesn’t match the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate, but some industry players aren’t exactly sold.

  • Report encourages first-time investors into real estate market by Jamie Henry

    The Bank of Canada's interest rate cut will offer first-time real estate investors yet another reason to get into the market, says a leading economist.

  • Daily Market Update by Janie Smith

    More Canadians to buy homes due to low interest rates… Canada’s housing market is up to 20 per cent overvalued, says IMF… Loonie slides on poor GDP figures… Tiny homes continue to expand living options…

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