• Oil is down but is there still investor opportunity in Alberta? by Jennifer Paterson

    The Alberta housing market is already feeling the impact of the historic drop in oil prices – but experts say this could suggest an opportunity for investors.

  • Toronto sales, prices rose in 2014 and no one is surprised by Jamie Henry

    Toronto’s housing market continued to rise in 2014, with sharp increases in both average price and number of sales, and the city’s December data suggests that hot streak is hardly about to cool.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Edmonton market will be slow but steady this year say realtors… GTA narrowly misses annual sales record… Ottawa had a reasonably good 2014… First time buyers may need $500,000 but ownership is still favourable…

  • Canada’s luxury market is just fine by Olivia D'Orazio

    Regardless of the doomsayers pointing to low oil values and potential market overvaluation, the luxury real estate market in Canada didn't suffer in 2014 -- and Sotheby’s International doesn’t think it will in 2015 either.

  • The cost of owning a town in BC by Jordan Maxwell

    Forget investing in single-family or commercial properties – why not take it to the next level and buy a whole town?

  • Still a sellers’ market in the 905? by Jordan Maxwell

    The 905 area, including the Niagara Peninsula, Hamilton, Oshawa and the suburban GTA, is still a sellers’ market, according to a report by the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB).

  • Should investors look to Atlantic Canada? by Jordan Maxwell

    The plunging price of oil may be negatively impacting house prices and small businesses in Western Canada, but perhaps investors should look to parts of Atlantic Canada, which are experiencing a higher level of confidence in the market.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Toronto sees 46 per cent increase in $1 million condo sales… Alberta housing market starting to slowdown, says BMO… BC property benefits from LNG plans…

  • Is it too late to get into Hamilton’s hot housing market? by Jennifer Paterson

    Hamilton is poised to be one of the strongest housing markets in the country in 2015 -- but is it too late for investors to catch the train?

  • Investor returns will be down in 2015 by Jennifer Paterson

    Canadian real estate investors simply can’t expect to see the value gains in 2015 that they’ve seen in the past decade, say experts.

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