• Rental resurgence is great news for investors by Jennifer Paterson

    While the Bank of Canada’s interest rate cut has been praised for opening the real estate doors to a new crop of first-time buyers, many experts are actually seeing would-be buyers stay put in the rental market, which is great news for investors.

  • Tax warning for real estate investors by Jennifer Paterson

    Real estate investors should be prepared for the tax authorities, as the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec may be scrutinizing GST/HST and QST compliance areas relating to the real estate sector in 2015.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Micro condos are set to be real estate’s next big thing… Alberta to avoid recession says RBC… Confidence at lowest in almost two years…

  • Real estate investor cheats sentenced by CRE

    Bernardo Giangrosso and his partner Naida Allarde-Giangrosso were sentenced today in relation to their roles in promoting the sale of syndicated mortgages to real estate investors.

  • Another warning for investors in Alberta by CRE

    With oil prices in decline, investors in Alberta have enough causes for concern. But here's one more.

  • Housing starts continue to moderate by Jennifer Paterson

    Investors who have noticed a lack of inventory in many Canadian cities will not be reassured by new figures released by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) today.

  • Do alternative payment options benefit investors? by Olivia D'Orazio

    Alternative payment options are the latest trend commanding the real estate industry’s attention, and agents insist that investors and the home-buying public deserve a wide array of options.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Building starts stagnate in December, single units outpace condos… Madani sees 30 per cent chance of recession, housing to fall… Homes near coffee shops sell better…

  • Oil to contribute to moderated market in 2016 by Olivia D'Orazio

    Provinces mainly affected by sinking oil values are likely to drive a moderated housing market in 2016, according to a new outlook report released today by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

  • Why not invest in an igloo? by CRE

    Inventory is low and competition is high, but since there’s so much snow outside, some playful investors might want to head outside and build their own investment property.

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