• Which province has the highest mortgage debt? by Olivia D'Orazio

    Canadian investors and homebuyers are increasingly taking on more debt in an attempt to afford larger and more expensive homes, but in which province are homeowners particularly indebted?

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Lower rates won’t increase chance of a crash says CMHC boss... Luxury realtor gives vote of confidence to Calgary... Condo buyers in Manitoba favoured by legislation...

  • Which Canadian city saw investment properties soar in 2014? by Jennifer Paterson

    It was a record-smashing year for sales of investment properties in this Canadian city in 2014, but experts don’t expect this trend to extend into 2015.

  • First-time investors could benefit from tax changes by Jennifer Paterson

    First-time investors and home buyers in Toronto could benefit if a recommendation to the city’s Budget Committee is implemented.

  • Oil prices wreaking havoc on another Canadian city by Jordan Maxwell

    The impact of the oil price slump, and subsequent drop in home sales, have hit another Canadian city hard, according to new MLS figures.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Canada’s household debt outpaces most developed countries… Economist predicts 15 per cent drop in Calgary house prices… Realtor says Calgary’s high-end homeowners are selling… Is wood the future for large buildings?

  • More cuts to come from BoC? by Justin da Rosa

    The voices predicting a further rate cut from the Bank of Canada have become a chorus, with another bank stating it believes the central bank still has additional basis points to slash.

  • Late to the party: IMF adds its ‘overvalued’ report to the bunch by Olivia D'Orazio

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has hopped on the 'overvalued' bandwagon, declaring Canada’s housing market between seven and 20 per cent overvalued, though it still predicts a “soft landing”.

  • Daily Market Update by

    Vancouver begins the year on a high… GTA sales strong so far… Edmonton sales slump in January… Western provinces have highest average mortgage debt… Consumer confidence continues to fall despite lower interest rates…

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