• Report encourages first-time investors into real estate market by Jamie Henry

    The Bank of Canada's interest rate cut will offer first-time real estate investors yet another reason to get into the market, says a leading economist.

  • Daily Market Update by Janie Smith

    More Canadians to buy homes due to low interest rates… Canada’s housing market is up to 20 per cent overvalued, says IMF… Loonie slides on poor GDP figures… Tiny homes continue to expand living options…

  • Seahawks super fan takes fandom to a new level by CRE

    Something for the weekend ... Regardless of the outcome of this weekend's Super Bowl, one house in Arizona will likely see a depreciation in resale value.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    CIBC expects another rate cut in March despite weak loonie… Property loan with 0.50 per cent rate cut…for businesses… Weak dollar will hit household budgets…

  • 5% of Canadian households own an income property by Jennifer Paterson

    A recent report found that one in every 20 Canadian households owns at least one income property, citing that the stability of income afforded by rental investment is a strong motivator compared to other asset classes.

  • Ontario's next investment hotspots by Jennifer Paterson

    As declining oil prices threaten the real estate markets out west, experts are predicting a positive impact on the Ontario market – but which areas should investors be looking into?

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