• Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Talk of lower mortgage rates may be premature… Alberta households are Canada’s top spenders… Vancouver woman enjoys her $39,000 home…

  • Does Airbnb let tenants own a piece of your property? by Jennifer Paterson

    Renting out space as an Airbnb property is a new source of income that many Canadian tenants are jumping on, but should it be cleared by the landlord and does the renter have the right to sublet the space?

  • Impact of Target closures on commercial real estate by Jennifer Paterson

    It has been estimated that the sudden closure of Target’s Canadian stores will leave nearly 15 million square feet of retail space and five million square feet of office and industrial space vacant across Canada – but experts are not convinced this will have an enormous impact on investors.

  • Are landlords liable in police busts at their properties? by Jennifer Paterson

    Every investor will have a troublemaker tenant at one time or another, but who’s responsible when your tenant is the target of a police bust that results in damages to your property?

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    BoC cuts rate; when will mortgage rates follow?... Shadow lenders gaining ground but is it a bad thing?... Think Canada’s expensive? Try Venezuela…

  • Bank of Canada lowers target for overnight rate by Justin da Rosa

    For the first time in more than four years, the Bank of Canada has changed its target for the overnight rate, which may come as a surprise to real estate investors.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Toronto price gap between condos and houses widens… Boost to affordability in Calgary… Oil price hits provincial revenues but it’s not all bad news… Office vacancies set to rise says Colliers…

  • Calgary investors beware by CRE

    The Real Estate Council of Alberta is warning Calgary-based investors about a man illegally operating as a property manager.

  • The impact of Target closures on residential real estate by Jennifer Paterson

    The announcement last week that Target will close its 133 Canadian stores is a reminder to investors to buy residential property in cities with diversified job markets.

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