• Housing starts not taking into account high levels of immigration by Jennifer Paterson

    Ignore the rumours of “overbuilding,” says a new report – even more properties will be required to satisfy immigration levels now expected to surpass expectations.

  • Real estate to get a starring role on stock market by Jennifer Paterson

    Real estate will finally get a starring role on the U.S. stock market, which experts say will lead to a confidence boost for investors.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    No oversupply of condos; we may even need more… Property prices in Toronto to continue rising says CMHC… Commercial property costs rocket in Vancouver… Halifax office vacancy rate rises…

  • Daily Market Update by

    Mortgage rates set to stay lower for the next six months… Calgary’s most successful condo launch since the recession… Ontario tax hikes not ruled out… Federal infrastructure building project “open for business”…

  • B.C. housing market failing to match inward migration by Jennifer Paterson

    New numbers suggest the B.C. housing market is failing to keep pace with inward migration, presenting investors with the kind of opportunity many thought was lost.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Analysts warn house prices can’t keep climbing... Canadians are less optimistic on house prices... Rental crisis in BC... Ontario revenues fall forcing the use of reserves...

  • Downtown investors raise rents to pay the mortgage by Jamie Henry

    The majority of CREW readers -- investors themselves -- are suggesting the phenomenon of rents outstripping mortgages has more to do with market forces than landlord ambition.

  • Be cautious investing in Calgary, warn experts by Jennifer Paterson

    Though economists have predicted a very slight softening of the economy in Calgary and throughout Alberta next year, some real estate experts warn investors to be cautious.

  • Average housing prices up nearly $30,000 by Jennifer Paterson

    Average housing prices across Canada were up nearly $30,000 year-over-year in October, from $391,931 in October 2013 to $419,699 in October 2014, according to monthly data from CREA.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Another part of the GTA price surge story… Planning to buy south of the border? Do the research… ATB Financial: Alberta economy will slow down for the next few years…

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