• Average housing prices up nearly $30,000 by Jennifer Paterson

    Average housing prices across Canada were up nearly $30,000 year-over-year in October, from $391,931 in October 2013 to $419,699 in October 2014, according to monthly data from CREA.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Another part of the GTA price surge story… Planning to buy south of the border? Do the research… ATB Financial: Alberta economy will slow down for the next few years…

  • Investors need to do their homework by Jennifer Paterson

    It is increasingly important for investors to do their homework and be educated about the real estate industry, caution experts.

  • Most affordable and most expensive U.S. cities to invest in by Jamie Henry

    Housing prices should never dictate investment location, with smart investors looking instead at vacancy rates, rents and cap rates, but a new U.S. report identifying the very cheapest markets may tempt them to stray from that formula.

  • Daily Market Update by

    BMO predicts house price correction in Toronto and Vancouver but not Calgary… Alberta economy may soften next year but no crisis… Business organization slams property tax disparity… Underground condo development: perfect for a nuclear apocalypse…

  • Is the hyped Alberta market a dangerous trend for investors? by Jennifer Paterson

    While Calgary and Edmonton have been hyped as Canada’s hottest residential property markets in recent weeks, some are warning that this is a dangerous trend for investors.

  • The 10 most expensive residential properties in the world by Jennifer Paterson

    Do you have $100 million burning a hole in your pocket? Maybe you could invest in one of the top 10 most expensive residential properties in the world -- if the opportunity arises.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    House price index climbs 5.4 per cent in a year; 0.2 per cent month to month… Lenders still cautious about micro-condos… Jobs growth is driven by Ontario… Royal LePage CEO wins PR award…

  • New agency site an invitation for trouble? by Jamie Henry

    Investors beware -- some agents suggest it is ultimately down to buyers to ensure all aspects of an MLS listing are true.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Canada’s wealth is increasingly in the west… Is the commercial property market in trouble?... Calgary non-profit sells 500th homes…

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