• Canuck snowbirds may still win longer U.S. stays by Vernon Clement Jones

    A U.S. proposal to extend year-round residency to foreign property investors may have died on the order paper, but there's new hope Canadian Snowbirds will ultimately win those longer stays as early as 2014.

  • Report debunks condo price myth by Vernon Clement Jones

    Never fear, condo landlords -- your investments are as safe as houses, according a new report tracking a steady rise in values despite bubble fears.

  • Scammers target private sellers by Grainne Burns

    Selling your property privately online? You may want to check if someone else is also selling it, and at a huge discount to lure unsuspecting buyers.

  • Whistle-blower points to home inspection shortcomings by Mark David

    A member of Canada's home inspection industry is blowing the whistle on what he calls 'major issues' affecting the quality of advice investors and other buyers pay for.

  • Are pets devaluing your condo? by Grainne Burns

    A new report is backing up the "no-pets policy" of many condo landlords, although industry analysis suggests those investors stand to lose in rent money what they stand to gain at resale.

  • Bug of a problem for landlords by Grainne Burns

    Reports of bedbugs infecting units are on the rise, and they are leaving more than just headaches for landlords.

  • More buyers pushed out of market...for now by Grainne Burns

    Good news for landlords. Buying and servicing a home in Canada is increasing, and that obstacle may prove enough for buyers to hold off from entering the market for now.

  • Knock, knock….no one there in Vancouver? by Grainne Burns

    Forget the knock, knocks jokes as this is not a funny matter for some. The traditional door knob may finally become a rare commodity following the City of Vancouver’s decision to ban the wrist-twisting device in all new construction.

  • Gen Y too cool for suburban life? by Grainne Burns

    Settling to the suburbs for the picture perfect life may be the goal for many, but not for Generation Y who want it all on their doorstep in the city.

  • Fitch: Forget 25%; prices are 26% overvalued by Vernon Clement Jones

    It's a persistent warning from one of the world's leading ratings firm, suggesting some Canadian home prices remain as much as 26 per cent overvalued and will inevitably fall by 10 per cent in many markets.

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