• Cold Lake to get hotter? by Grainne Burns

    Cold Lake’s real estate landscape is set to get a lot hotter if the city finally get the green light as a new destination for a commercial air carrier.

  • Some good news, and some news by Grainne Burns

    2014 is already shaping up to be a good year for some, with prices and the number of existing home sales expected to increase moderately.

  • Investors, are you asking the right questions? by CREW online

    Investors are full of questions, but what are the important ones that could dictate the success of your investment.

  • Investors should have ‘no fears’ over Bayside plans by Grainne Burns

    Mayor Rob Ford may not be a big fan of the city’s plan to buy condo units in the new Bayside development for low-income renters, but investors should not be as dismissive of the idea, or so say the real estate gurus.

  • Love thy neighbour…or just get rid of them by Grainne Burns

    Neighbours can be hit or miss. But as more condo owners are going to the courts to resolve disputes, condo boards are being urged to create harmony not hate amongst residents.

  • No condo crisis here….says Ottawa by Grainne Burns

    Condo crisis? What condo crisis? This is the reaction of many in Ottawa who are playing down reports that the city’s condo market is about to crash and burn.

  • Winnipeg still winning? by Grainne Burns

    Chill out investors, there is still time to get a slice of the now coveted Winnipeg market.

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