• Early Christmas present for first-time buyers by Grainne Burns

    First-time buyers may be given an early Christmas present if a petition to reduce mortgage insurance premiums comes to fruition.

  • Edmonton 1, Calgary 2 by CREW

    Edmonton has recorded a sweet victory over its rival to the south by being crowned the top Alberta community for investment in residential real estate.

  • Halifax not Happy by Grainne Burns

    Planning to invest in Halifax? Existing properties may increasingly be the way to go else you could risk paying as much as $30,000 more for a new build.

  • Market tries to stop the exodus by Grainne Burns

    With proposals to add 50,000 additional units to an already tight Montreal market, some investors are holding back on putting their cash in the city until ‘some stability’ is restored. That's despite the promises of mayoral candidates now looking to win votes.

  • Banks agree: Market will slow in 2014 by Justin da Rosa

    The big banks have all weighed in on the housing market following CREA’s monthly report and finally there is consensus.

  • Sizzling sales in September by CREW

    The weather may have chilled in September, but the housing market proved hotter than expected, according to the latest CREA figures.

  • Don’t fret about the U.S., says economist by Grainne Burns

    Canadians worried about the impact the frozen U.S. federal goverment will have their property investments -- both here and in the States -- fear not, suggests one leading economist.

  • Landlords to face another online registry? by Grainne Burns

    First it was grow-ops, then deaths on the property. Now, landlords may be asked to report incidents of flooding for a proposed new online registry.

  • Investors confidence soars at Wealth & Real Estate event by Mark David

    Reports from around the globe often present a gloomy picture for real estate performance. Much time is spent playing up the negative aspects of the industry, which leaves many people wondering about the real state of real estate.

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