• High prices grow T.O. condo demand by CREW online

    Demand for condos shows no signs of cooling in the GTA and another key Canadian market, according to a new poll out Wednesday and highlighting the effects of escalating prices.

  • Good new/bad news for investors by Grainne Burns

    New developments in the oil capital of Alberta are offering both good and bad news for property investors -- the good being if you already own in that market, you're laughing; the bad being if you were planning to get in there, this article will make you want to cry.

  • 'Moving Day' sparks tenant complaints by Grainne Burns

    Landlords in Quebec have hit back at social housing activists who are criticizing the state of rental properties in the region.

  • Developers limit exposure to investor buyers by Grainne Burns

    A number of developers are requesting higher down-payments from non-residents in a bid to create occupied buildings and increase long-term property values, says one industry insider.

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