• 'Lucky' numbers for property investors by Grainne Burns

    Door numbers impacting home sales? Could be. Having the number 4, 13 and 8 on front doors could affect the value of a property by up to $35,000, according to real estate agents in the GTA.

  • Time to invest outside Canada? by Vernon Clement Jones

    “Toppy.” That’s how the head of one of the country’s biggest pension funds is describing the Canadian real estate market, suggesting it remains near its pricing peak with little place to go but down.

  • For-sale-by owner site adds extra value by CREW online

  • Are full-time Realtors really better than part-timers? by Grainne Burns

    Part-time real estate agents generally get a hard time from their industry peers who accuse them of lacking the experience and the skill clients need. But is that fair and is there really a distinctio between part- and full-time professionals?

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