• Tenants win city hall support for 'rent control' by Vernon Clement Jones

    Tenant activists are finding city halls across Canada increasingly receptive to concerns about rents that outpace affordability, with Vancouver the latest to listen -- and, indeed, to act.

  • CMHC to Realtors: Keep consumers in the dark by Jemima Codrington

    Investors trolling MLS for foreclosure opportunities may have a tougher time identifying those properties, with CMHC and Realtors now agreeing to make the inclusion of that information optional.

  • Chinese portal tries to lure investors back to Vancouver by

    A Chinese-language web portal launched today is seeking to make it easier for Chinese speakers to invest in Vancouver’s property market, or perhaps reignite interest among a customer base whose demand for West Coast properties has softened.

  • Finalists for Top Investor Awards announced by

    Experts in an industry where it’s increasingly difficult to make your mark have earned finalist spots for this year’s Top Investor Awards, with both new and seasoned players among 31 honourees.

  • Calgary affordability deters property investors by Vernon Clement Jones

    Calgary -- and much of the rest of Alberta -- is increasingly billed as the promised land for property investors, but growing affordability for homebuyers threatens to scuttle that, according to a new report.

  • Revised forecast puts grin on investor faces by Vernon Clement Jones

    Landlords may be the only ones grinning, with CMHC now downgrading its forecast for home construction in 2013 because of the idling economy.

  • Price growth backs up buy-and-hold strategy by Donald Horne

    Numbers from Teranet-National Bank show a fifth consecutive month of decline in home prices nationwide, lending support for the increasingly popular buy-and-hold strategy.

  • Cheeky landlord charged with spanking tenant by Vernon Clement Jones

    Ouch! Back rent is rarely ever collected by whipping a tenant’s backside -- a painful lesson for one landlord, but even more so for his renter.

  • Calgary condo market heats up by Jemima Codrington

    While condo booms in Toronto and Vancouver are winding down, other cities are arriving fashionably late to the party.

  • Experts: go beyond home inspections by Jemima Codrington

    Each investor has a checklist of due diligence needed to be done on a property, but should a Seller Property Information Statement be part of it? Governing bodies in Ontario RECO and OREA think so.

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