• 25% price correction coming: Capital Economics by Vernon Clement Jones

    There are gloomy forecasts and then there are gloomy forecasts, with a new economic report predicting a price correction nearly twice as deep as others for the Canadian housing market.

  • CREW poll: Leave MLS alone by Jemima Codrington

    Amen! say CREW readers, in agreement with Canadian Realtors. A new CREW poll suggests they agree the competition bureau has overstepped the mark in calling for more of a seller’s personal information on MLS.

  • Investor sifts through financing options by

    Financing an income property is almost as important as finding the right property, writes veteran investor Paul Kondakos: Both play a significant role in dictating how much cash flow the property will eventually spit out.

  • Intl. guide: Canada’s housing market among best by Jemima Codrington

    Canada’s housing market is ranked one of the best in the world, according to the Global Property Guide.

  • Halifax market comes off of shipbuilding high by Vernon Clement Jones

    A Halifax mortgage broker may also be something of a prophet, with the HRM real estate market now coming off its shipbuilding high, just as he predicted.

  • Beating competitors to your next deal by Paul Kondakos,

    A volatile stock market and the growing appeal of Canadian real estate means more competition for property investors on the lookout for their next deal. But as professional investor and adviser Paul Kondakos writes, there are key ways to beat those competitors to the punch.

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