• Home prices freeze up by Jemima Codrington

    House prices in Canada took the biggest tumble in almost two years this fall, according to a new reading of the market.

  • Condo Questions You Never Thought to Ask by Jemima Codrington

    Beyond the basics meant to ascertain the property type, market and potential tenants, there are a few other factors investors should consider before signing the dotted line. Here are five “other” questions every investor should ask when considering a condo.

  • Financing woes challenge 'micro' condos by Jemima Codrington

    Investors have hit upon the challenge of winning financing for so-called "micro condos" – units as little as 290 sq. ft. and often persona non grata with conventional lenders.

  • Landlords watch out: homebuying dreams alive and well by Vernon Clement Jones

    Gloomy forecasts for the Toronto real estate market haven’t taken the shine off homeownership, with a new bank survey suggesting buyer intentions remain well above the national average.

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