• CIBC: the sky is not falling, investors by Editorial

    Investors looking to sell in the next couple years can breathe a sigh of relief, according to a top CIBC economist, suggesting the anticipated housing decline will not be as sharp or as long as earlier projected because of immigration.

  • Retail Vacancy Rates Still Declining in Calgary by Jemima Codrington

    As consumer spending continues to rise, Calgary’s retail vacancy rate is still declining.

  • Consumer debt soars, says credit agency by Vernon Clement Jones

    Consumer debt levels have now reached their highest level in ten years, according to a new report from a credit reporting agency.

  • Fitch: Tough winter for Canadian mortgage lenders by Editorial

    Despite a solid performance by the Big Six in the first half of the year, an international credit rating agency suggests the entire mortgage market is in for a rough ride through to the end of 2012.

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