• Toronto’s skyline reaches new heights by Jemima Codrington

    Toronto is home to the most tall-building developments in the western hemisphere, according to a new report released by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

  • Commercial condos to take flight in T.O. by Jemima Codrington

    Investors dismissing the Toronto condo market may want to reconsider; they could soon find themselves dealing with a whole new type of tenant.

  • Hudson’s Bay to wade into REIT game by Jemima Codrington

    Following Loblaw’s lead, Hudson’s Bay Co. is considering creating a REIT, it has been announced.

  • Housing starts down for third straight month by Mark David

    A developing trend shows that the number of new housing starts across Canada have been in decline over a three-month period, something that could easily deter investors from purchasing new rental properties.

  • 5 ways to avoid investor hell by Mark David

    If there’s one area where savvy real estate investors excel, it’s finding and following through with lucrative deals. The very thought of purchasing a property and turning it into a cash flowing powerhouse is one that entices investors of all levels to get out there and start buying.

  • T.O. defends condo market against BoC report by Vernon Clement Jones

    Who's afraid of the big bad condo market? Not T.O.

  • Flaherty echoes investor reaction to slowdown by Vernon Clement Jones

    Jim Flaherty’s reaction to a cooling real estate market may mirror that of landlords, with the finance head suggesting he’s “happy” about the slowdown.

  • Loblaws dangles REIT before investors by Vernon Clement Jones

    It may become the blue chip of Canadian REITs, with the country's largest food store chain announcing it will roll some of its properties into an investment trust and lease back those buildings before serving up shares to hungry investors.

  • Ottawa 'condo bubble' will not burst: report by Mark David

    A slew of new high-rises being built in Ottawa have many investors wondering if – or when – the city’s expanding condo sector will burst. But, don’t be deceived, caution experts, that construction activity disguises a market marked by high demand and significantly lower supply.

  • CPP board stirs investor interest in Brazil by Vernon Clement Jones

    The Canadian government may be leading the way into Brazil, with its decision to pump another $343 million into a housing market already drawing cautious interest from investors.

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