• Top 100 Neighbourhoods to invest by

    Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine has released the Top 100 Neighbourhoods to invest in, with a third of those communities in investment-ripe Ontario.

  • Toronto's last sweet spot for small investors? by Vernon Clement Jones

    There’s at least one sweet spot left in Toronto’s increasingly tart housing market, with Realtors pointing investors to triplexes and four-plexes in mid-market Etobicoke.

  • Speaker Spotlight: Philip DuMoulin by Jemima Codrington

    As a city-loving Realtor on HGTV, Philip DuMoulin educates consumers on real estate opportunities in the heart of downtown. But as a speaker for the upcoming Investor Forum Vancouver, he'll help delegates pick properties in any North American hood – be it urban or suburban.

  • Time may be money for T.O., Vancouver sellers by Vernon Clement Jones

    Property investors looking to sell single-family homes in Toronto and Vancouver will likely see prices shrink little by little, month by month, suggests one economist, reacting to a new report on Canada’s housing market.

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