• Flat confidence reading good for investors? by Jemima Codrington

    A new index reading suggests the confidence of Canadian small business diminished to an all-time low in July -- a sign rental markets may get even tighter.

  • $25B Halifax contract challenges local investors by Richard Killeen-Payne

    In October, Halifax got an adrenalin shot in the arm, otherwise known as a $25-billion shipbuilding contract. While that's sparked unprecedented interest on the part of property investors across Canada, it has presented their local counterparts with real challenges, explains Halifax property expert Richard Killeen-Payne. The opportunities, however, are just as real.

  • Realtors split on fee-for-service model by Vernon Clement Jones

    The decision by Quebec professionals to split from the national association of Realtors is exposing a fault line on the issue of “fee-for-service.”

  • Go north, investors, for 30% appreciation by Vernon Clement Jones

    The newest incarnation of Canada’s gold rush may be set in Northern Ontario, with home price gains outpacing those to the south, including T.O's.

  • Economists to condo investors: Smile! by Vernon Clement Jones

    Condo investors in Toronto have every reason to be keep smiling, with two separate bank reports suggesting their assets are almost certain to retain their value at the same time their cash flow gets buoyed by rental demand.

  • BMO: Commercial property investment paying big dividends by Editorial Team

    Commercial real estate is increasingly where it’s at, according to a new report, pointing to low interest rates and the kind of limited supply that fuels rent increases.

  • Joint Ventures: A necessary next step? by

    There comes a point for every investor when they’ve gone as far as they can on their own and it’s time to figure out whether they can work well with others.

  • Canadians get creative to avoid renting by Vernon Clement Jones

    More and more Canadians are extending the amortization on their car loans as a way of qualifying for bigger mortgages, according to a new survey -- suggesting that number will increase as first-time buyers look to move beyond renting.

  • Phoenix now a top sellers’ market: Zillow by Kit Kadlec

    A flood of Canadian snowbirds has officially made Arizona the top sellers' market in the U.S., according to new stats, at the same time Chicago steps up to become the best buyers' market.

  • Renters freeing themselves of debt by Vernon Clement Jones

    Don’t break open the bubbly quite yet, landlords. A new report from Equifax suggests more Canadian households are getting a handle on the kind of debt that keeps them renters instead of homeowners.

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