• Buyers increasingly view cottages as cash cows by Vernon Clement Jones

    Cottage buyers are thinking more and more like property investors, according to a new poll, revealing a growing interest in renting out those seasonal digs to cover the cost of acquisition.

  • 7 things graffiti artists don't want you to know by Caitlin Nobes

    The City of Toronto will spend $1 million on graffiti clean-up this year, although investors must continue to clear away any of that "art" on private property. CREW has found seven ways landlords can reduce their risk of being tagged in the first place -- information graffiti artists in Canada's urban centres don't want them to know.

  • Toronto home prices top Vancouver's by Editorial Team

    It's a dubious title, which now belongs to Toronto and not Vancouver, as home prices in Canada's largest city become chiefly responsible for skewing the national average.

  • Deadline diverts Chinese investors from Canada to U.S. by Vernon Clement Jones

    Canada – well, Toronto and Vancouver – may soon be yesterday’s news for Chinese investors, now turning their attention to the U.S. ahead of a crucial deadline.

  • Hotel-condo investors in sales race with developers by Vernon Clement Jones

    Buyers intending to flip hotel-condos units this year may be on the frontlines of any Toronto correction – competing with hundreds of other sellers in those new buildings, but also the developers, themselves.

  • Canuck investors help resurrect Florida market by Kit Kadlec

    While much of the U.S. real estate market remains on life support, some favorite spots for Canadian investors have started to show signs of life -- a few even garnering double-digit price gains in the first quarter.

  • Lenders pull the rug from under T.O. developers by Vernon Clement Jones

    Lenders are increasingly rolling up -- and not out -- the red carpet for Toronto's condo developers. At the same time they're locking the vault when individual condo investors come to call.

  • Home prices continue upward march by Editorial Team

    More fuel has been added to the fire, as talk of a Canadian housing bubble continues to gain momentum, with the latest data showing more home price gains.

  • Speculators contribute to Alberta arrears by Vernon Clement Jones

    Alberta`s real estate speculators are in large part to blame for the highest arrears rate in Canada, according to a new report.

  • Canuck developer: global trend buoys condo market by Vernon Clement Jones

    Canadians worried today's condo market will suffer the same crippling correction as in the '90s are biting their nails for nothing, said one leading developer, pointing to a seismic shift in consumer preferences.

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