• Student housing investors look before leap to new markets by Vernon Clement Jones

    Investors focused on student rentals are increasingly sticking to tried-and-true markets, rather than betting on ones popping up across the country, says one area specialist.

  • Investors face competition in Calgary by

    Reality is finally catching up to expectation, with Calgary's recession-hit housing market showing signs of resurgence.

  • You think you have a high prepayment penalty... by Vernon Clement Jones

    Just under $140,000 is one heck of a prepayment penalty, charge members of an Ontario co-operative, pointing to CMHC’s demand it pay that sum in order to break a mortgage and seek refinancing throught a credit union.

  • Rising home prices hit high-end by Kit Kadlec

    Property investors and Canada's low-income buyers aren't the only ones caught short by rising home prices – affluent homeowners are struggling to make ends meet. Or, at the very least, they're increasingly afraid theyll have to.

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