• Higher qualifying rate add to investor challenges by Vernon Clement Jones

    Sunday’s 20-basis-point bump-up in the qualifying rate won’t likely exacerbate an already difficult qualifying process for small investors, say brokers, although it isn't like to help them compete with the growing number of homebuyers still entering the market.

  • Investors shut out of low-rates boom by Editorial Team

    Low rates and high temperatures conspired to increase home prices in the first quarter of 2012, according to new numbers from one of the largest real estate organizations, but few sales likely involved investors.

  • Canadians homebuyers more talk than action by Kit Kadlec

    Despite rising prices, more Canadians than last year are confident that now is a good time to buy real estate.

  • Investors and first-time buyers go head-to-head by Editorial Team

    First-time buyers are poised to take on condo and single-family home investors like never before with increasingly strong financial footing, according to a new report.

  • Small investors spark to commercial properties by Vernon Clement Jones

    Investors may need to take a second look at commercial, with low vacancies and rising demand pushing the development of 9 million sq.-ft. of office space that may ultimately not be enough.

  • Climbing prices hike Calgary listings by Kit Kadlec

    As prices begin to nudge up in Calgary, a growing number of owners are becoming convinced now could be a good time to sell and putting their homes on the market.

  • Investors may face budget blues by Vernon Clement Jones

    Some landlords may not want to hear this, but the goverrnment will leave mortgage rules alone Thursday, predicts the head of the country`s national association of mortgage professionals, pointing in part to his own industry`s lobbying efforts.

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