• Canuck investors overlook strongest U.S. market by Kit Kadlec

    Canadian investors focused on Florida and other warm-weather markets in the States may want to put on winter coats and head north to Kansas City.

  • National home sales strong in December, but prices flatten by Kit Kadlec

    While low interest rates have kept property buyers active in Canada this winter, prices have settled back to be only slightly higher than a year ago, according to a Canadian Real Estate Association report.

  • Flat prices extend holding strategies by Vernon Clement Jones

    The new five-year hold may be more like seven, eight or ten, with stagnant real estate prices in key markets encouraging investors to hold properties longer than the standard half-decade, say Realtor-specialists.

  • Construction starts building bubble concerns by Vernon Clement Jones

    Economists predicting a correction haven’t yet decided whether to call it a blessing or something else, but a spate of condo projects in Toronto drove the country’s housing starts higher than expected in December – almost 15,000 above the previous month’s.

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