• Supply challenges lift Toronto home prices by Kit Kadlec

    The appetite for real estate in Toronto has continued to grow, but supply is lagging behind, putting upward pressure on prices, according to the latest stats.

  • Time to pass on condo fees to tenants? by Vernon Clement Jones

    A new poll suggests as much as three-quarters of Canadian homebuyers see monthly fees as a small price to pay for the convenience and amenities of condo life – something that may ultimately benefit investors looking to pass on those costs to tenants.

  • BoC holds rate steady by Vernon Clement Jones

    A domestic economy regaining ground alongside its U.S. counterpart wasn’t enough stimulus for the Bank of Canada to increase its key overnight rate Tuesday, with the growing threat of global oil prices and uncertainty in Europe encouraging it to maintain the status quo.

  • Canuck investors eye Arizona's commercial horizon by Vernon Clement Jones

    It’s an opening in the western frontier that more pioneering Canucks are entering, looking beyond Arizona's residential market to its re-emerging commercial one.

  • National home prices hit by Vancouver slowdown by Kit Kadlec

    The average Canadian home price for March declined for the first time since September 2010, according to the latest figures from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).

  • Investors, get ready for more bidding wars! by Vernon Clement Jones

    There’s yet more indication investors – even those focused on buying fixer-uppers – will face increased competition from desperate homebuyers, with national sales rising 2.5% in March even as the number of new listings fell.

  • Investor stampede panics fence-sitters by Editorial Team

    An investor influx is driving rapid price acceleration in Halifax and Regina, at the same time those gains are lighting a fire under others looking to make their own leaps.

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