• National prices show first dip in a year by Kit Kadlec

    National prices took a rare dip downwards in November, marking a first for 2011, according to the Teranet-National Bank House Price Index.

  • Pre-Offer inspections the new norm? by Vernon Clement Jones

    It may be another indication of just how fierce the competition is for multifamily investment properties, with an industry leader launching what it calls a “Pre-Offer Home Inspection,” specifically designed to give buyers a leg up in multiple-bid situations.

  • Investor to JV newbies: Consider the money side by Vernon Clement Jones

    A seasoned investor is offering joint-venture newbies a word to the wise, asking them to assess their abilities on the management side and think about transferring that role to experts now scouting around for money partners.

  • Investor: Time to widen your lending pool by Vernon Clement Jones

    Putting all your eggs in one lender’s basket is increasingly a risky strategy for new players, says one successful buy-and-hold investor, pointing to growing limits on the number of doors allowed any one borrower.

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