• Real estate favoring sellers heading into 2012: CREA by Editorial Team

    The national real estate market is balanced headed into 2012, but with a slight edge for sellers, according to the latest report by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).

  • 2011 housing market beats the odds by Editorial Team

    A "volatile" economy helped the Canadian housing market meet and surpass low expectations set at the start 2011 -- although that same global crisis is expected to limit next year's growth.

  • B.C. market heads toward equilibrium by Editorial Team

    The B.C. real estate market may finally have reached the equilibrium investors and others have long hoped for, with Multiple Listing sales in November falling only marginally from the previous year and price growth restricting itself to a 1 per cent gain.

  • Investor move to trade rent for longer leases by Vernon Clement Jones

    GTA property investors are facing and, indeed, ceding to increased pressure to cut rents in exchange for longer leases -- that ahead of a glut of units expected to hit the market, said one local expert.

  • National vacancy rate falls by Editorial Team

    CMHC is linking rising youth employment and a lower supply of new apartments as the cause for a drop in the country’s vacancy rate.

  • Where's bottom? U.S. home prices keep sliding by Editorial Team

    They haven't hit bottom yet. U.S. home prices slipped again in October, and are now down 23.7% from their May 2007 peak, according to Zillow’s monthly housing market report.

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