• Government halts for green grants to retrofit homes by Kit Kadlec

    The Canadian government has cut short its financial backing of homeowners retrofitting their homes to save on energy cost.

  • Staging for rentals? by Vernon Clement Jones

    Sellers are convinced staging properties works. But convincing landlords it’s worth the time and effort has been a tougher sell, said one real estate investor, now relying on that strategy to grow ROI.

  • No housing bubble to burst: BMO by Kit Kadlec

    There will be no crash to the Canadian housing market, according to a new report by BMO economists out this week. Instead, the report suggests, there will be something like a smooth landing.

  • Pre-Offer inspections the new norm? by Vernon Clement Jones

    It may be another indication of just how fierce the competition is for multifamily investment properties, with an industry leader launching what it calls a “Pre-Offer Home Inspection,” specifically designed to give buyers a leg up in multiple-bid situations.

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