• Cooling market offers investors a 'in' by Vernon Clement Jones

    There’s yet more indication investors are finally getting the break they need to beef up their portfolios, with the B.C. Realtor association confirming a near-8 per cent dip in the value of properties sold during the first month of the year.

  • Condo rules to affect investor ROI by Vernon Clement Jones

    Condo investors in B.C. will soon face the same challenges as those in Ontario and Alberta -- now grappling with stricter disclosure requirements for condos and the concerns they present both short- and long-term.

  • CMHC: Same old same old ... market for investors by Vernon Clement Jones

    This year and next may be déjà vu all over again for property investors looking to buy or sell, with CMHC predicting the national market will see the same kind of restrained growth it experienced in 2011, and not the correction many had feared.

  • Canadians offer ho-hum economic outlook by Editorial Team

    Just under one-third (32 per cent) of Canadians indicate they feel positive about the outlook for the domestic economy over the next year, down from 43 per cent in

  • Investors, think 'property manager' before you leap: Industry vet by Vernon Clement Jones

    It’s a hard lesson that one real estate investor is anxious to keep novices from learning the hard way, advising them to make sure a prospective acquisition allows for enough cash flow to hire a property manager.

  • Credit unions picking up BFS slack by Vernon Clement Jones

    Credit unions are hoping their competitors' loss will be their gain, with Ontario’s largest player actively reaching out to increasingly unwelcome self-employeds

  • Housing starts good news for investors by Vernon Clement Jones

    Housing starts slowed January, with multi-family developers – especially those in Atlantic Canada and Quebec -- responsible for applying the brakes.

  • More money down may mean headache by Vernon Clement Jones

    The search for conventional mortgage financing just got tougher -- and may get tougher still -- with several Canadian lenders moving to cut their rental programs because of tighter access to bulk insurance.

  • Building permits jump 11.1% in December by Kit Kadlec

    Canadian builders finished the year strong, with their permits values up 11.1% in December from November, according to Statistics Canada.

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