• National vacancy rate falls by Editorial Team

    CMHC is linking rising youth employment and a lower supply of new apartments as the cause for a drop in the country’s vacancy rate.

  • Where's bottom? U.S. home prices keep sliding by Editorial Team

    They haven't hit bottom yet. U.S. home prices slipped again in October, and are now down 23.7% from their May 2007 peak, according to Zillow’s monthly housing market report.

  • Vancouver Isl. steadier market than Mainland by Editorial Team

    While Greater Vancouver real estate prices continue to rise, a more-balanced market is playing out on Vancouver Island.

  • Mortgage rules cramp investors' buying style, says CREW poll by Vernon Clement Jones

    The government’s new mortgage rules have, indeed, affected the acquisition strategy of many real estate investors — right along with their home-buying counterparts — suggests a CREW Online poll.

  • Broker to Halifax investors: wait out shipyard buzz by Vernon Clement Jones

    Real estate investors rushing to capitalize on Halifax’s $25B shipyard contract could be jumping the gun, argues one local mortgage broker, suggesting it'll be cheaper to wait rather than buy rental units well ahead of a spike in demand.

  • Vancouver agent sued for breaching sales contract by Editorial Team

    A Vancouver real estate agent was ordered to pay $258,000 after he broke a home sale contract in order to sell for a higher price to another buyer.

  • BoC to condo investors: possible correction ahead by Vernon Clement Jones

    It’s a warning condo investors from one end of the country to the next have heard before, but the central bank is once again suggesting a correction may be straight ahead.

  • CIBC: real estate to dip 10%-15% in medium-term by Editorial Team

    The real estate market in Canada is headed toward a 10%-15% drop in prices over the next few years, as interest rates eventually increase, said the CIBC's Benjamin Tal on Thursday.

  • Canuck housing activity hits speed bump by Vernon Clement Jones

    Housing starts fell last month by nearly 15% from October's 208,800 units, a decline felt across almost all segments of the construction market.

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