• U.S. likely to default on debt; Canada facing economic slowdown: Peter Kinch by Shane Buckingham

    The political deadlock between Democrats and Republicans over raising the U.S.’s debt ceiling may not be resolved in time for the Aug. 2 deadline, a result that could cause the world’s largest economy to default on its debt, says CRE contributor and author Peter Kinch.

  • Realtors must lower commission rates to compete: Re/Max Realtor by Shane Buckingham

    Last week’s announcement that Realtysellers and had merged to create a real estate powerhouse offering both private listing and brokerage services has only added to the reality that most Realtors must get competitive or get out of the business altogether, says a Burlington real estate agent.

  • Toronto is most expensive city in Canada by Editorial Team

    Vancouver might have highest home prices in Canada, but a new survey ranked Toronto as the most expensive city in terms of cost of living, according to a report by consulting firm Mercer.

  • Low price point, yields exceeding 10% in Memphis by Kit Kadlec

    The vacation hotspots of Florida, Arizona and California have long been the most popular states for Canadian investment south of the border, but a Tennessee investment company is making a push for an alternative, less-explored option: Memphis.

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