• Realtor challenges's zero-interest claim by Shane Buckingham

    Ever since last November when the Canadian Real Estate Association ceded to pressure from the Competition Bureau of Canada to open up its online multiple listings service (MLS) to private sellers, for-sale-by-owner companies, it seems, have steadily increased their business.

  • The rental-licensing landscape by Editorial Team

    Waterloo landlords won a small victory Jan. 10 after councillors voted to postpone a meeting that could sanction a city-wide rental licensing program, along with greater restrictions on the number of renters allowed to live in investment properties.

  • U.S. survey shows homeowners expect a later recovery in prices by News

    Canadians looking to invest in a slumping U.S. housing market still may have plenty of time to buy low.

  • Manitoba flooding prompts changes to mortgage applications by Vernon Clement Jones

    Brokers in and around deluged parts of Manitoba are highlighting the “safe” location of properties in their applications, anticipating lender concerns around the worst flooding the province has seen in 14 years.

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