• Home sales and prices continue to rise by Jennifer Paterson

    As summer ends and real estate’s busiest season kicks off, new figures from the Canadian Real Estate Association show actual home sales activity in August was up year-over-year, the third highest August sales on record.

  • The truth about foreign property buyers in Canada by John Tenpenny

    Canadians are debating the role foreign buyers play in major markets, but Toronto’s condo industry is actively courting Chinese investors and gaining key insights

  • 1 in 5 renters affected by affordable housing crisis by John Tenpenny

    A new study points out the greatest affordability crisis for renters tends to be the suburbs, where home prices have soared

  • BoC announces rate by Justin da Rosa

    The latest central bank decision is in – but does it align with analyst predictions?

  • Landlords blocked from getting rid of tenants by Vernon Clement Jones

    It’s an extreme measure that Canadian landlords were eager to try here with their rent-control units, but New York’s crackdown suggests they need to resist the urge

  • Ten tricks to keeping vacancies low by CRE

    Vacancy rates in key markets are growing as inventory rises and the number of good prospective tenants falls. Here’s how landlords can come out on top

  • Fewer Canadians buying property in Montana by Vernon Clement Jones

    It hasn't the cachet of Florida’s or Arizona’s real estate market, but Montana is proving just as susceptible to a sinking loonie as those more southern states


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