• Explosive growth in foreign investors, says report by Jordan Maxwell

    A research paper is calling for more information on foreign investment following a new report suggesting international players are using Canadian real estate to launder money

  • Case highlights need for property managers by Jordan Maxwell

    A recent case involving an unlawful tenant’s attempts to stay in a unit is testifying to the growing need for property managers – especially in multiple-door situations

  • Discrimination case offers landlords a key lesson by Jordan Maxwell

    A case out of Nova Scotia is highlighting the need for landlords to manage tenant relations in order to avoid the kind of discrimination charges stemming from an eviction

  • Investors cashing out of Vancouver? by Jordan Maxwell

    Buyers and investors who got in on the ground floor of Vancouver’s real estate boom are now starting to cash out and looking for properties elsewhere in the province

  • Urbanation releases Q2 condo stats for Toronto by Justin da Rosa

    Toronto condo sales continue their summer surge, with sales showing year-over-year growth for Q2 2015.

  • CBSA blames money laundering for Vancouver market by Jordan Maxwell

    A report from the Canada Border Service Agency shows that money laundering is impacting the Vancouver real estate market as the agency reports it has seized millions of dollars meant for investment over the years.

  • Dollar continues to fuel U.S. investment by Jordan Maxwell

    The Canadian dollar reached an 11-year low Tuesday as the country’s economy continued to slide into a recession, which is presenting a great opportunity for U.S. investors to snap up cheap property.

  • Lawyer spots possible investment fraud scheme by Jordan Maxwell

    Following an investigation, a lawyer on the West Coast is calling into question a seminar designed to show Canadians how to make money investing in American real estate.

  • Investors fear impact of oil crash, correction coming by

    Oil prices have fallen to their lowest point since the 2008 recession, sending chills through the minds of investors who could be in for a rough ride with a housing correction on the horizon.

  • Rental data show smaller cities up by Jordan Maxwell

    Investors are in for a surprise if they think looking for homes in bigger cities will yield higher rents as new data from tells a different tale.


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