• Second-hand smoke plaguing landlords by Jordan Maxwell

    Grandfather clauses that allow tenants to smoke are creating issues for landlords unable to hang onto other tenants literally put out by the smell.

  • Industry reacts to claim of ‘20% overvalued’ housing market by Jordan Maxwell

    The fallout from the Bank of Canada’s decision to cut the overnight rate continues, with agents fighting back against new suggestions the market is significantly overvalued.

  • Housing starts ring alarm bells for investors by Jordan Maxwell

    Population growth, supply and demand are the typical signposts that motivate investors – but with Canadian housing starts outpacing demographics, some fear that oversupply could drive prices down.

  • Credit scores pivotal with rate cut by Jordan Maxwell

    Further drops to mortgage rates are opening the door for new investors, but they’re also highlighting the pivotal role of good credit ratings

  • ‘Inevitable market correction’ on the minds of investors by Jordan Maxwell

    The Bank of Canada’s announcement to cut the interest rate 25 basis points to 0.5 per cent has some investors worrying about the impact on the economy once rates eventually rise.

  • Landlords lobby for damage deposits by Jordan Maxwell

    The one province that doesn’t allow landlords to collect damage deposits, or even first and last month’s rent, is hearing a resounding call for change following a contest to bring attention to the issue.

  • Squatter case outrages investors by Jordan Maxwell

    A landlord who had his property broken into and then habituated for two months will now have to thousands of dollars to evict the unwelcomed guest.


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