• Property investor’s ‘trick’ backfires on homebuyer by Vernon Clement Jones

    Beware, investors! House buyers have now taken a page from your handbook on how to find property to buy where absolutely nobody seems interested in selling

  • Police make top graffiti artist pay for his art by Vernon Clement Jones

    Property investors grappling with graffiti, this one’s for you! Police have nabbed North America’s most infamous ‘tagger” after he went on a spraying spree, racking up tens of thousands of dollars in damages

  • Canada job numbers for August hit by Vernon Clement Jones

    The unemployment numbers are not only an indication of where Canada stands in terms of recession but also hint at next week's rate decision by the Bank of Canada.

  • Controversial development back in the news by Vernon Clement Jones

    A condo project billed as a nightmare by some investors is once again making headlines, this time for structural concerns rather than for financing worries or falling glass

  • City planting seeds of discontent among developers? by Vernon Clement Jones

    The growing number of investors turning to development in order to get around inventory challenges may soon have new and more onerous requirements to saw through

  • StatsCan addresses recession by Will Ashworth

    Economic data released Tuesday is providing long-awaited confirmation of whether Canada was mired in recession for the first half of 2015.

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