• Home prices continue to grow by Justin da Rosa

    The indomitable Vancouver and Toronto markets continue to drive housing price gains, evidence of inventory challenges that continue to plague key markets.

  • Stadiums a boon for investors by John Tenpenny

    New infrastructure slated for Edmonton and Calgary will increase neighbouring property values and offer investors a chance to profit

  • Make every weekend a long weekend and retire rich by CRE

    While most people are digesting Sunday’s turkey dinner, savvy real estate investors are putting their strategies into play with one common goal: retiring rich

  • 15 ways to ‘give thanks’ for your tenants by CRE

    Maintaining happy tenants can help transform them into long-term residents. After all, a happy tenant is a good tenant, and that’s reason enough to give thanks this season

  • Crunch the numbers before you buy by John Tenpenny

    Investors need to be aware of not just the selling market, but also the rental market before they purchase a property

  • B.C. looks to close tax loophole by John Tenpenny

    Media has reported on numerous cases of foreign buyers obscuring their identities in order to evade property transfer taxes

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