• Investors benefitting from condo rentals by

    A new report from Urbanation shows that condo rentals have increased significantly as demand grows to near-record levels.

  • Confiscation rules demand landlords step up by

    A recent case that saw a landlord lose her apartment building due to unruly tenants has drawn calls from one landlord association president who said it’s time for landlords to step up.

  • Landlord fined after drunken rage by Jordan Maxwell

    A landlord has been ordered to pay a six-figure fine after assaulting one of his tenants in a drunken rage, according to court documents from the Supreme Court.

  • Caribbean real estate demand skyrocketing by Jordan Maxwell

    Canadian investors are becoming increasingly attracted to investment properties in the Caribbean as a recent study showed that interest has nearly doubled in some countries so far this year.

  • Landlords need protection from confiscation rules by Jordan Maxwell

    A case against a pair of landlords is raising eyebrows about confiscation rules after the duo lost their 12-unit building for being unable to regulate illegal activity in four of their units.

  • Investors look to hot markets outside Vancouver by Jennifer Paterson

    With Vancouver prices making it too difficult to cash flow properties, savvy investors are following transit extensions to find the next B.C. hotspot.

  • Chinese crash bringing money to Canada by Jordan Maxwell

    The Chinese stock bubble is about to burst, forcing many to wonder whether more Chinese money will flood into foreign markets like Canada, where foreign investors have found a home for their capital.

  • Russian spy sued by landlords for filthy habits by

    An alleged Russian spy is in hot water with law authorities after he rented a home in a New York suburb and left damages.

  • Demand for high-end climbs by Justin da Rosa

    The high-end residential real estate market saw divergent trends in the first half of 2015, according to Sotheby’s.

  • Pan Am frenzy spells trouble for condo landlords by Jordan Maxwell

    The Pan Am Games, which kick off Friday, could be a boon for landlords of single-family homes, but a pain in the neck for condo owners with tenants looking to take advantage.

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