• Are the big banks punishing real estate investors? by Jennifer Paterson

    While the industry continues to chime in about the interest rate cut and its impact on first-time investors, seasoned investors are finding themselves left out in the cold by the banks.

  • U.S. home sales down but prices up by Jennifer Paterson

    Home sales in all major regions of the U.S. declined in January, but experts say Canadian investors should continue to look for real estate opportunities in local markets.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Big banks view condo developments as lower risk… Alberta MLS sales decline in ‘most areas’… Edmonton housing starts increase… Hudson’s Bay Co. announces joint real estate ventures…

  • Foreign investors to flood housing markets? by Justin da Rosa

    It is widely known that much of the foreign investment pouring into the Canadian real estate market is coming from China, but the industry should prepare for an influx of investors from two other countries as well.

  • Condo sales plateau in major market by Justin da Rosa

    Toronto hit a record for unsold condo units in January, as supply continues to skyrocket. But what will this mean for prices and the health of the housing market as a whole?

  • Does commercial property confidence include Alberta? by Jennifer Paterson

    Record investor demand for commercial property is indicative of long-term confidence in Canadian commercial real estate, according to CBRE, but what’s in store for Alberta?

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Poloz gives little away on interest rates… Canadians don’t know how in debt they are… Calgary realtors take a long-term view… Alberta may end up with a surplus after all…

  • Getting to the truth about the student rental market by

    While rental prices increase in most Canadian markets, the prices for student rentals remain stagnant, but is the property type really a challenge for investors?

  • What are the benefits of investing in a micro-condo? by Jordan Maxwell

    While there has been concern in the real estate industry about financing options for micro-condos, some investors are cashing in on the lucrative opportunities this property type offers.

  • Top investor award opens up doors by CRE

    Winning a Top Investor award made it easier to open a few doors in the investor world, according to Michael Dominguez, an investor and Realtor who was named ‘Realtor of the Year’ at the 2014 award ceremony.


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