Industry criticizes wind turbine report

A recent study by the University of Guelph, which found wind turbines do not have an impact on nearby property values, might have earned a big sigh of relief from investors – but the study's results have been strongly criticized by members of the real estate industry.

“I have had several deals fall apart in this area because, in the appraisal report, it has been mentioned that there are windmills visible or adjacent to the property and, once a lender gets wind of that (forgive the pun), they will not fund a mortgage,” said Angela Jenkins, a mortgage agent at Dominion Lending Centres, who lives and works in the Melancthon region, where the study was conducted.

“If a person cannot get financing due to windmills, then how can this be a positive thing?”

The study, which was published this month in the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, analyzed more than 7,000 home and farm sales in the area, and found that at least 1,000 of these were sold more than once, some several times.

John Leonard Goodwin, who has been a real estate broker for more than 10 years in the Grand Bend, Ont. market, asserted that wind turbines absolutely do affect property values. “Turbines complicate your property enjoyment, period,” he said. “That alone spells depreciated value(s).

“Turbines should be in remote, unpopulated locations. To all the folks who have turbines on their property: Enjoy your $18,000 per turbine per year, because you will be giving most of the lease payments back (in much lower property value) when you sell.

“These monsters are very bad for Ontario,” he continued. “We all pay to subsidize the electricity they produce and they will also cause a significant loss of real estate value.”

Lynn Stein, a sales representative at Hartford and Stein Real Estate, lives and sells real estate in Prince Edward County, where a large-scale wind turbine project is slated to begin.

“The turbines that are proposed here are quite large,” she said. “The majority of the population here very clearly doesn’t want them.

“Put simply, if you were to buy your future home, given the choice, would you buy where you would have noise, shadow flicker, an industrial view, potential health issues caused by the turbines, and the possibility of a very difficult resale, or would you spend your money elsewhere?”

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  • by Daryl 2014-12-18 12:44:53 PM

    According to MPACs own study report in 2013 properties within 5 km of an industrial wind turbine suffer an average value loss of 25%.
    Yet, despite their own data, they refuse to lower property assessments and taxes. Total corruption.

    There is a massive wall of denial in Ontario of the health and property values caused by skyscraper power plants being built too close to residents. There will be huge negative impacts for decades to come due to these bad policies. Only the oil companies like Suncor who own wind farms are benefiting from the wasted spending and higher taxes we all pay.

    See full details of the real impacts in the film Big Wind on TVO in 2015

    Who funded the U Guelph study? If it was government or corporations, they will always claim no impact.

  • by Dufferin Resident 2014-12-20 9:30:36 AM

    Wind energy continues to be bolstered by Ontario’s Green Energy Act legislation which leaves no channel to oppose or stop them. While we try to cope with unprecedented harm of Ontario’s natural environment, birds and bats, homes and health of rural residents, pets and livestock this industry led, government supported effort to deploy industrial scale wind has resulted in innocent families being driven from their homes due to emissions. Talk about loss of real estate value. They are losing everything.
    Add to that the recent construction liens to the tune of approx. 30 million dollars imposed on many of the Melancthon farms involved in their local wind project and one realizes that these reports that industry gloms onto have no validity in real life.

  • by Bob 2014-12-20 9:54:26 AM

    Those who deny the loss of property value should be required to provide a "Property Value Guarantee", because if their assertions are correct the guarantee won't cost them a dime. The fact that they will run away and hide from a such a requirement reveals the falseness of their assertions.

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